Cross Game: Catch Up to 39

Whenever I watch Cross Game, it never fails to impress. I’m kinda sad that we’re in the last stretch. I don’t want the series to end.

I agree with Kou.

It’s amazing how far the characters have come, and yet they continue to develop. The return of Daimon made me think back on how the characters were at the start of the series. They’re almost unrecognizable at this point compared to then.

Everyone is in love! Even the darn cat!

Everyone is in love! Even the cat!

The romances seem to be set up. AobaxAzuma, KouxAkane. I like Aoba and Azuma together, there’s a lot of chemistry, and it’s a balanced and interesting relationship. Kou and Akane, not so much. Something just seems off about them. I could rant about Akane just being a replacement for Wakaba, but whenever the opportunity arises for her to be a replacement, she jumps on. Her taking the job of Clover Café kinda proved that point. If that’s who she wants to be, then good for her.

A gift from the coach is something to be wary of!

I’m glad that Aoba still has a chance to be in the National Women’s League training camp, despite her injury. The poor girl deserves some recognition. As Psgels at Star Crossed Anime Blog pointed out, it’s easier to root for Aoba then Kou, as we get more of a sense of her working hard to be as good as she is. Not that Kou doesn’t work, it’s just how the series presents the characters, we sympathize with Aoba more.

Also, I have a sinking feeling that we’re in for one more tragedy before the series is over. What exactly, I don’t know. It’s just a gut feeling.

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