12 Days of Christmas-Day 12, When K-On Brought People Together

K-On was a phenomenon that was somewhat expected, being KyoAni, but still fun to watch explode. K-On was far from the best anime out there, but it managed to be fairly steady, and put a smile on my face every week. The show was also peppered with some very nice music, and an ending theme that featured some very cool outfits.

K-On even penetrated my life, stuck in a small Ohio town.

Part of it was I felt like the cast of K-On was part of my life, most of them who I was trying to make the most of our final months together. I was Yui. I had a twin sister to be her sister. There was a Mugi. A Ritsu. And one of my best friends, a Mio and an Azuma. As I excitedly tried to explain this to my friends, they actually checked it out, and my Mugi ended up watching it as well.

Now, whenever I watch it, I can’t help but think of us, and the tight knit group we were, even though we’ve mostly gone our separate ways.

Also, K-On had the unintentional side effect of helping my now boyfriend and I become closer friends. It’s all good.  

Now a recount of my 12 Days

Day 1: When Hetalia Took Over the World/Hetalia Axis Powers

Day 2: When Ponyo came to America/Ponyo

Day 3: When Beato fooled us all/Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Day 4: We Entered an Endless Recursion of Trolls/Haruhi

Day 5: M-m-mikuru beam/Haruhi

Day 6: When Getting Shots was Made Fun/Trapeze

Day 7: Break Tells It As It Is/Pandora Hearts

Day 8: He’s Just Not That Into You/Hatsukoi Limited

Day 9: Do Ghosts Grow Up/Cross Game

Day 10: When J.C. Staff Showed What They Could With Watercolors/Aoi Hana

Day 11: Nothing brings siblings together like…Higurashi

Day 12: When K-On Brought People Together

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