12 Days of Christmas-Day 11, Higurashi bonds family together

There’s nothing to bring siblings together quite like…Higurashi???

My sister and I had drifted apart over Junior year, as we didn’t spend much time together. I was always busy with schoolwork and whatnot. 

Things hadn’t gotten that much better over the summer, until the point I brought home the first season of Higurashi from the library. I had thought I was going to watch it alone, but instead my sister joined me. What lasted from June/July into December would bring us back together, with many Friday nights spent watching four or five episodes together.

As well as Higurashi was just a downright fantastic series. I still love Episode 13 of the second season, where everyone came together and was bad-ass doing so.

I also really liked how the show managed to turn Takano into a likable character, and even redeem her in the end. Although my sister did point out that one of the themes of Higurashi was redemption.

We’re thinking of watching Hetalia Axis Powers next. That is, if we can get the stupid S-cable to work.

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