I have no idea what the point of this episode was. Really.



Was this point of this episode only to wrap up Ange’s story? To help the audience understand how magic works? To bring up black magic vs. white magic? To suggest that Beato is somehow a white witch/somehow become corrupted/something else?  Just to set up for the answer archs?

Furthermore, if Battler proves magic doesn’t exist, does that mean there’s no love in the world?

I’m really not sure, though Ange was kinda cool. I was really disappointed with this episode though, there wasn’t a Maria/Sakutaro reunion.

One more episode to go. I can only see it being a total trainwreck with so much to cover and so little time to cover it.

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  1. The point of the episode was to indeed wrap up Ange’s story (and for a good reason too) but also to make clear the message of ‘without love it cannot be seen’. Ange decided to finally see Eva with love and understood her aunt because of it.

    Black magic = Magic made from hatred and anger
    White magic = Magic made from love and happiness

    It may not seem like it but this episode did have a big point to it.

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