12 Days of Christmas Day 4-We Entered An Endless Recursion of Trolls

I hated the Endless Eight. I hated the same episodes repeating over and over. That much is true.


However, I did love the wank. Frustration produced humor as people found themselves trapped in an Endless Recursion of Trolls, and did the best to pass the time. Graphics abounded, as well as the famous Hitler clips, the first being Hitler being dismayed to find things repeating again in the episode, the second time having Kyon as actually being played by Hitler.

I still have no idea why KyoAni did it. Were the trying to build up sympathy for Yuki so in the upcoming movie we wouldn’t all hate Yuki? (KyoAni is secretly Yuki fanboys. I knew it.) Or was it just a moment of ‘Hey, we have all this money! Let’s blow it on something stupid!

Either way, KyoAni did try to make amends, with a fantastic arch following and announcing the Haruhi movie. I’m still wary KyoAni, you can’t win me over that easily.

Though this gorgeous picture of Yuki is a good start.

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