12 Days of Christmas-Day 2, When Ponyo came to America

Exactly four months ago, I went to go see Ponyo, which would also be my first date with my current boyfriend. We would later decide we were officially dating while looking out over the Ohio River. This has nothing to do with the entry, but was very romantic!

 I feel the release of Ponyo over here was a big deal. After all, while many movies, such as Paprika, have enjoyed limited releases, Ponyo was an anime movie that got full release, and enjoyed moderate sucess.


Despite the amount of bad press that Ponyo got for casting lil’ Cyrus and Jonas, I feel like they did a good job with the dub. One of my biggest thumbs up goes to Tina Fey, whom I was already a huge fan of, and this just expounded my love for her.

I really liked the story as well, finding it very fairytale like and enthralling, carried out by easy to love characters.

Of course, to save the best for life, the best part of this work of the gorgeous animation, especially of the sea. The ocean is an absolutely beautiful place, and this movie does it justice.  

So here’s to, not what’s only one of my anime highlights, but highlights of the year, Ponyo.


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4 responses to “12 Days of Christmas-Day 2, When Ponyo came to America

  1. RP

    I haven’t seen the dubbed version, but Disney’s always treated Miyazaki works really well IMO (besides maybe a random character or two in each movie). I saw this subbed, but is definitely one I wouldn’t mind seeing the full dub of someday.

    • Disney definitely took a lot of care in properly dubbing it…well, except for changing the song during the ending credits.

      That was a moment of, ‘Why Disney why?’

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  3. franfran

    I really liked this movie, and I was really surprised that it got realeased in my area, but I couldn’t help but lol with my friends with Ponyo’s weird expressions when she used her powers XD

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