12 days of Christmas-Day 1, When Hetalia took over the world

I’m joining in on http://m3.dasaku.net/the-twelve-moments-in-anime-project-2009/1367/ and here’s day 1. I know I’m a day behind thanks to drama reasons, but I’ll try to catch back up with two posts on Thursday or Friday.

Also, I hope to have a blogroll up soon. Please be patient!

Love it, or hate it, there’s no denying that Axis Powers Hetalia has made itself known. Myself, I like it, but I’m not a huge fan. I like the girls, and other characters, but more so, I love watching how it’s evolved from a relatively unknown webcomic to a huge phenomenon. It’s been a rather eventful year for Hetalia, moving from a webcomic to an anime series with the ability to enrage Korea and the third season announced.


More notable, Hetalia has done what teachers have been struggling to do for years. It made history fun. More then fun, it made history something people could relate it, and become attached to. How did it accomplish this? By personifying the countries, and giving them a personality, in a dumb but fun manner at first, and honestly emotional stories later.

A lot of people complain Hetalia doesn’t give a 100% accurate representation of history, and glosses over a lot of atrocities. I won’t deny that. However, Hetalia has caused people to be interested in history, and learn more. It’s proved a good base at which people can expand, and to me, that’s a feat.

Hetalia’s way of personifying things has also caught on, as seen in Miracle Train, an anime were subway stations were personified.

What’s happened this year to Hetalia has been downright amazing to watch. Here’s to a good year this year, and to do just as well next year.

PS: I used pictures I found on my harddrive I assumed were official art. If that is not the case, let me know, and I’ll remove them!


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3 responses to “12 days of Christmas-Day 1, When Hetalia took over the world

  1. steelbound

    Knowing some of the history that is referenced (especially the 20th century stuff) initially made it hard for me to like certain characters like Germany but I eventually decided the show is not meant to be taken seriously nor is it trying to make light of what actually happened so I should just cut it some slack.

    My favorite character is America, wish he was on more. In this day-n-age, I wonder if I’m supposed to be offended by him, like South Korea is over their character (who still hasn’t shown up), because I’m not.

    • Yeah, although the slightly inaccurate stuff does rub on my nerves sometime.

      America is poking fun at America, but somehow, he doesn’t come across as offensive. IMO, it strangely fits, and while it focuses on bad qualities, it focuses on good qualites as well. He’s also just completely adorable.

      I like Canada best in the anime, myself.

  2. Evelyna

    Personally, my favourite character is probably also Canada. As for the inaccuracies that people have been complaining about, I don’t really have a problem with them. I think that the beauty of Hetalia is that it shows us that all the countries have their flaws and merits, and that none of them are really bad, even if they’ve done bad things. Furthermore, it is a reminder that a country should not be confused with the leadership: Hitler is referenced, for example, as Germany’s nasty boss, and such. Therefore, Germany isn’t bad, nor is Italy; they just had exceptionally cruel “bosses” during WWII.

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