Out Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

This isn’t the first of Elizabeth Scott’s book I read, but the third. The other two were rather average, but had potential, and it was nice to see the potential finally come out in Stealing Heaven.

The bookflap reads like a bad romance. Dani, raised a thief by her mother, moves with her mother to the town of Heaven, where she meets friend Allison, and love interest Greg. Oh wait, Greg is a cop, and Allison lives in the house Dani and her mother plan to rob.

What it actually is it an extremely emotional tale, and fairly realistic tale. Dani is stuck with a longing for a real life of her own, and wishing to break free from her life of crime, but is held fast by her Mother’s expectations of her. She’s also stuck taking care of her mother who behaves as an immature teenager. Over the course of 300 pages, what starts out as a simple hit and run job turns into a coming-of-age where Dani learns what she really wants, how to break free of her mother’s control, and how to fight for it.

Another note of praise is how realistic the development of the relationships are as Dani changes from wary to curious.

It’s an extremely fulfilling read.

The book left me with a few complaints that lead to be not giving it a perfect rating, mainly that the ending was rushed compared to the slow pace of the start.

Still, anyone who enjoys teenage literature, and slice of life most likely would enjoy this

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