Funny in Farsi

So why today was such a freaking fantasic day…

For English class, I was suppose to read Funny in Farsi, and then go see the author Firoozeh Dumas speak.

Real quick, Funny in Farsi is a great book, really short, there’s no good reason for you not to read it. Basically one short story after another about being from Iran, and growing up in America. It’s not depressing, but rather light and such a fun read. Even in the most horrible situations, she writes with a sense of humor. More so, it leaves an impact, relating to prejudice and why that’s ridiculous, without making you feel like a horrible person. Personally, I hate memoirs. But I loved this. 

As Firoozeh told us, she wanted us to see her family as people just like us, not focus on the opression and ilk. She had a lot to say.

We, my mom and I, arrived at Books and Co about 45 minutes early, wanting to beat a crowd. So we grabbed a coke, and just killed time talking about the different ingredients in the tea they told, me trying to decide just how safe it really was. I saw the Ukraian exchange student from our school, and absolutely lovely lady, so we went and sat with them.

And then Ms. Willett showed up, and for some reason decided to sit with me and my mom. I get the impression that Ms. Willett adores me, and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea why. I’m so far from an outstanding student, but at the same time I’m starting to find character seem to stand out more then grades.

Firoozeh was amazing. She looked fantasic, and was a very expressive speaker. I was sucked in as soon as she opened her mouth, and didn’t stop until she got to questions. Firoozeh seemed use to just trying to sales pitch and get sales, as a majority of her talk was about content that was in her books. It was frusterating, as I’d already read this, but she still made it fascinating a second time around. Logical fallacy! Luckily, Firoozeh had a second book out just of four or five days ago, so she did some reading out of that. I can’t wait to read that one. >.<

She did share some side stories with us, such as her book talk three days ago only drawing in three people, none who had read the book. And when asked how was America’s view on Iran, she said how today it was worse then ever, and went into the talk of the amount of prejudice against her book.

She pointed out how the media was only interested in the bad side of things, and since her book was a extremely positive one, it didn’t tend to catch so much interest. Firoozeh talked about the one time she nearly appeared on television to talk about her book, only to be pushed aside the day of for the author of a book about female suicide bombers. Another thing she pointed out is despite the success of her previous book, she hasn’t had a single review of her new book.

But the thing about Firoozeh is she didn’t dwell on any of this, she’d talk about it then gloss over it. And there was something very admirable about that. But she did make it clear her wish that people would try to see Iranians as the people they were, not just this nasty image that the news painted, they were more then ‘opressed’ or ‘terrorists’.  And of course there was my favorite quote,

“As a proper Iranian, I went to go eat sushi.”

Personally, the hatred toward the middle east and the attuitude disturbs me. I love middle eastern culture.

Of course, had to make a fool of myself in front of the fantasic women. Question time, and I went into this ramble that she translated as, “So you’re asking how many languages I speak?” And then when we got to the book signing, and I told her the reason I read her book was because my teacher gave us extra credit for it. So I rolled a 1 on social grace, and that women probably hopes to never see me again.

Too bad, because if she comes back to Dayton, she will.

Otherwise, afterwards I went to coldwater creek and bought a top for the job interview Monday. Ugh…!#$%. I’m nervous. But I loved the excuse to go Coldwater Creek.

And my poor mom. I don’t know how many moms sit around bored, and hate how much their kids like clothes shopping.


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5 responses to “Funny in Farsi

  1. Haha, sounds like a fun day indeed!

    Good luck on the interview. You’ll do fine. 🙂

  2. I loved seeing you at my book signing and OF COURSE I will see you again when I come to Dayton!

    Hey, it takes guts to ask a question at an author event. Most people wait until I’m signing their book. Bonus points for you!


  3. Janette, I think you just found the way to any author’s heart: like their work. I can’t believe Funny in Farsi has not been reviewed, though.

  4. jedko

    @Catherine Mintz-It’s her new book, Laughing Without An Accent, which at the time of the speaking hadn’t been reviewed yet.

  5. Catherine Mintz

    Yes. I checked that out on my way through Amazon. I still couldn’t believe, etc. Nope. It’s on a few blogs, some papers mention that she’s coming on tour, but I don’t see any magazine or newspaper reviews yet. There are advance reading copies out there and it was an April release. She’s with Random House, though, which is in internal uproar at the moment.

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